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Chess Club Starts Again!  (7/10/2021)

Great News! COVID restrictions have been lifted, and chess club will resume on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. Our meeting time has changed to 6:00 PM through 8:00 PM. We hope to see you there!

HRLCC 2013 Independence Day Tournament a Success!  (7/7/2013)

Our 2013 Independence Day Tournament was a success! We had 16 people show to enjoy coffee, doughnuts, and chess in our "bragging rights" tournament!

  • First Place - Michael Dorsky (4.0)
  • Second Place - Ron Rossi (3.0)
  • Third Place - John Chavez (3.0)
Here is the full crosstable from the tournament:

2013 HRLCC Independence Day Crosstable

For photos from the tournament, please see our Club Photos page.

2013 U.S. Chess Championships Begin Tomorrow  (5/1/2013)

The 2013 U.S. Chess Championships / U.S. Women's Chess Champions will be held from May 2nd through May 13th in Saint Louis, Missouri at the prestigious Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.

In addition to the best chess players in the U.S. competing for the title (and grand prize of $30,000 USD), you can watch all the games via streaming video, along with commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan, GM Maurice Ashley, and WGM Jennifer Shahade. Live coverage of the games begin at May 3rd, at 13:00 CST.

For more information, please visit CCSCSL's web site at http://www.uschesschamps.com. In addition to live games and commentary, you can also take a virtual tour of the club and watch chess videos, and get information on past tournaments.


2013 U.S. Chess Championships

HRLCC 2012 Holiday Tournament a Success!  (12/30/2012)

Yesterday's first annual HRLCC Holiday Tournament was a great success! Thirty people showed up for the love of chess, coffee and doughnuts, and the prize of "bragging rights and petty glory". This tournament was a 1 day, 4 round tournament with three sections: Open, Under 1400, and an Unrated/Non-USCF section, with time controls of G/30. The results are as follows:

Open Section:

1st Place: Ryan Snodgrass (4.0 points)
2nd Place: Barry Rabinovich (3.0 points)
3rd Place: Victor Huang (2.0 points)

Under 1400:

1st Place: John Chavez (4.0 points)
2nd Place: Frank Atwood (3.0 points)
3rd Place: Dave Kennedy (3.0 points)


1st Place: Herb Simpson (4.0 points)
2nd Place: Herman, Sara (3.5 points)
3rd Place: Schubert, Jake (3.0 points)
4th Place: Zhou, Yueping (3.0 points)

The crosstable can be found here.

We would like to thank all those who participated, and those who helped make this event so enjoyable. A special thanks also goes to Dean Brown, who acted as assistant tournament director, providing invaluable assistance with registration, pairing, and the submission of results.

See our Club Photos page to view pictures of the tournament.

Another tournament is planned for the beginning of July... more information will be coming shortly.

Brooklyn Castle in Theaters October 19  (9/22/2012)

After winning several awards in film festivals this year Brooklyn Castle, the documentary that follows the real-life story of how the game of chess changed Brooklyn's Intermediate School 318 and it's students, will be opening in theaters on October 19!

View the trailer and visit the official website.

Brooklyn Castle

Kasparov Plays Alan Turing  (6/27/2012)

Alan Turing, the famous British mathematician (1912 - 1954) is often referred to as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. In 1948, he wrote a chess program for a computer that didn't yet exist! In 1952, still lacking a computer with enough power to run the program, Turing himself played the part of the computer in a game against a collegue. Turing's program lost, but it proved to be a monumental step forward in computer science, as well as computer chess.

Now, at a conference celebrating the centenary of Turing's birth, his chess program, commonly referred to as "Turing's Paper Machine" was reconstructed by Mathias Freist and Ken Thompson. Who volunteered to play it? None other than former world chess champion Garry Kasparov! Not surprisingly, Kasparov won the game in 16 moves.

For more information, visit the centenary's web site:

Alan Turing Centenary Conference

For news about Kasparov's game with Turing's machine:

BBC News: Alan Turing Plays Garry Kasparov at Chess 58 Years after his Death

If you'd like to play the reconstruction of Turing's Paper Machine, you can download it, thanks to the people at Chessbase. All you need is Fritz or a Fritz-compatible program (Rybka, Hiarcs, Junior, etc.) and can also be used as an engine in Chessbase:

Download Turing's Machine

Chess: It Can Help Make You Rich  (6/6/2012)

Yahoo's Small Business Advisor recently posted an article describing how Peter Thiel, a venture capitalist/co-founder and CEO of PayPal, used chess concepts to become a billionaire. While we can't guarantee that it will increase the size of your bank account, it's a valuable example of the lessons we can learn from the royal game and how to apply them off the chessboard:

Peter Thiel Used Chess Concepts to Become a Billionaire

Anand Wins 2012 World Chess Championship  (5/30/2012)

With both players having a score of 6 after 10 games, Viswananthan Anand and Boris Gelfand went into a 4-round series of rapid tiebreak games.

With time pressures and a blunder that cost Gelfand the second game, Anand drew the fourth game, retaining the World Championship title.

For more information, please see the official web site.

2012 World Chess Championship

Club Member Plays in 2012 Chicago Open  (5/29/2012)

Dave Kennedy, a local member of the Highlands Ranch Library, recently played in the 2012 Chicago Open, which took place May 27 - 28 in Wheeling, IL. Dave, who played in the Under 900 section with 71 other players, came in at Number 8 in the standings, with a score of 5.0 out of 7.0.

Congratulations, Dave!

Nakamura, Krush win 2012 Championships!  (5/21/2012)

Hikaru Nakamura beat Gata Kamsky in Round 10 to lead by 1/2 point going into Round 11. While Kamsky tied his subsequent game against Robert Hess, Nakamura again won his game Yasser Seirawan, giving him a total score of 8.5, becoming the 2012 U.S. Champion, his third U.S. title.

Irina Krush went into a rapid playoff against Anna Zatonskih, winning both games to become the 2012 U.S. Women's Champion for the 4th time.

To view a recap of all rounds, please see our videos page.

All games are available from our downloads page.

For more information, please visit http://www.USChessChamps.com/.

2012 U.S. Chess Championship / 2012 U.S. women's Chess Championship

NPR Interview with Hikaru Nakamura  (5/11/2012)

Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, who is vying for his third U.S. Championship title at the 2012 U.S. Chess Championship, was interviewed by NPR today. You can view the article and listen to the interview here.

2012 U.S. Chess Championship now in Progress!  (5/10/2012)

The first round of the 2012 U.S. Chess Championship / 2012 U.S. Women's Chess Championship started on May 10, with good results - all but three games were decisive. Starting in the thrid round, there is no clear leader for the men, but IM Anna Zatonskih leads the Women with a score of 2.

It was also announced that former world champion Garry Kasparov and world number-one women's ranked player, Judit Polgar, would be judging the best game prizes for the championships.

To view a recap of Rounds 1 and 2, please see our videos page.

For more information, news, photographs, and to watch the games live, please visit http://www.USChessChamps.com/.

World Chess Championship Starts Tomorrow  (5/9/2012)

The 2012 World Chess Championship will be held from May 10th to May 31st at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia. Current champion Viswanathan Anand will defend his title against challenger Boris Gelfand.

For more information including news, photographs, venue details, and a complete match schedule, please see the
official web site.

2012 U.S. Chess Championships coming in May  (4/20/2012)

The 2012 U.S. Chess Championship / 2012 U.S. Women's Chess Championship will be both held simulataneously from May 7th - May 20th, 2012 at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis in St. Louis, Missouri and will be broadcast live over the Internet, with commentary by GM Benjamin Finegold and WGM Jennifer Shahade.

For more information, news, photos, and videos, please visit the official site.

Chess: The Musical is coming to Lone Tree  (4/11/2012)

In case you weren't able to see it in Arvada, don't despair! Chess: The Musical will be at the Lone Tree Arts Center from April 18 through April 29.

Tickets range from $58 to $72 dollars. For dates and ticket information, please call (720) 509-1000, or visit Lone Tree Arts Center.

Chess: The Musical

Chess: The Musical is coming to Arvada  (3/26/2012)

Chess: The Musical is running from March 23 through April 15 at the Arvada Center.

Set against the backdrop of a chess tournament, this rock opera uses the game of chess - with all of its power plays, manipulations, and sacrificial pawns - as a metaphor for the contemporary conflicts in love and life as well as global strife and peaceful coexistence.

Tickets are priced from $35 to $72 dollars. For dates and ticket information, please call (720) 898-7200, or visit The Arvada Center.

Brooklyn Castle is Coming!  (11/13/2011)

Rescued Media is currently putting the finishing touches on their new film Brooklyn Castle, a documentary that follows the real-life story of how the game of chess changed Brooklyn's Intermediate School 318 and it's students.

A Kickstarter project has been started to help cover some of the post-production costs... you can read about it here.

More information to folllow!

Happy National Chess Day!  (10/8/2011)

It's National Chess Day! Take the day and celebrate the royal game in one of it's many forms... a live game with friends, playing against the computer, on the internet, or by watching one of the many chess events being held around the world, including the 2011 Continental Class Championships!

Frank Atwood Wins Award!  (9/15/2011)

Our very own Frank Atwood has been awarded Channel 7's Everyday Hero award for his volunteer work with the Highlands Ranch Chess Club! Be sure to watch 7NEWS Anchor Mitch Jelniker's interview with Frank at the following times:
Sunday, October 23rd10:00 PM
Monday, October 24th5:00 AM
Thursday, October 27th11:00 AM
Saturday, October 29th5:00 PM
Sunday, October 30th7:00 AM

You can also see it on Channel 7's web site: Chess Club Challenges All Ages

Frank Atwood receiving the Everyday Hero Award  Frank with Everyday Hero Award  Frank and Friend  Frank's Award

Congratulations, Frank!

2011 U.S. Junior Closed Championship  (6/16/2011)

From June 16th to June 26th, the Saint Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center will host the 2011 U.S. Junior Closed Championship, where the nation's best emerging chess players compete for the title and a bid in both the World Junior Championship and 2012 U.S. Championship. Live commentary will be provided by GM Ben Finegold and FM Aviv Friedman.

2011 U.S. Junior Closed Championship

5th Kings Tournament  (6/11/2011)

Watch as 2011 Tata Steel Chess champion (and 2009 U.S. Champion) Hikaru Nakamura competes in the 5th Kings Tournament in Medias, Romania during June 11th to June 22nd.

5th Kings Tournament

Chess-Themed Movie - Queen To Play  (5/17/2011)

Zeitgeist Films is excited to announce the release of Queen to Play, a stylish and sophisticated French dramedy, starring the luminous Sandrine Bonnaire and Oscar winner Kevin Kline.

Set on the island of Corsica, a French chambermaid Helene (Bonnaire) discovers her love for chess and is soon seeking the tutelage of a reclusive American doctor (Kline, in his first French-speaking role). Her family soon grows suspicious as her new found passion slowly comes into conflict with her old way of life. Mid-life triumphs ultimately prevail in this story of self-discovery. The Hollywood Reporter says, “Bonnaire delivers a beautifully modulated turn.... Kline, in his first entirely French-speaking role, intriguingly underplays as the mysterious Kroger.”

Queen to Play will open in Denver on May 27 at Landmark Theatres Denver for one week only. Reduced price tickets for as low as $7.25 are often available for groups of 25 or more.

Queen To Play

Nakamura vs. Ponomariov & Finegold vs. Robson  (5/10/2011)

International match play is coming to Saint Louis in May! From May 16th - 25th, watch Hikaru Nakamura vs. Ruslan Ponomariov and Ben Finegold vs. Ray Robson. Brought to you by Saint Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center.

Nakamura vs. Ponomariov, Finegold vs. Robson