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There are several chess-related sites on the Internet, here are just a few. Enjoy!


ChessLecture.com - Online Chess Video Library
ChessMagnetSchool.com - Online Chess Lessons
Chess Academy of Denver - Lessons by NM Todd Bardwick
iChess.net - Chess training for all skill levels


Chess Central
Chess Express
ChessMate.com - Pocket and travel chess sets
DGT Projects - Digital clocks and electronic chessboards
Everyman Chess - Publishers of chess books
Monroi - Personal chess manager
New in Chess - Chess books, chess magazines, & chess shop
The House of Staunton - Makers of fine chess sets
Seventh Rank - High-quality chess educational software
USCF Sales - Official store of the United States Chess Federation


World Chess Hall of Fame


Chessbase News
Chessdom - Enriching the understanding and popularity of Chess
New York Times Chess - Chess articles in The New York Times
Susan Polgar Chess Daily News

Online Chess

Internet Chess Club
Red Hot Pawn


9 Queens - Helping girls through chess
America's Foundation for Chess
Colorado State Chess Association
Kasparov Chess Foundation
Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis
United States Chess Federation
World Chess Federation (FIDE)

Professional Players

Maurice Ashley - First African-American to attain the title of GM
Magnus Carlsen - Current World Champion
Garry Kasparov - Legendary world chess champion
Alexandra Kosteniuk - Former Women's World Champion
Irina Krush - 2014 U.S. Women's Champion
Hikaru Nakamura - 2009 U.S. Champion
Natalia Pogonina
Susan Polgar - First woman to break the gender barrier in chess
Ray Robson
Sam Shankland - America's newest GM-elect!
Yury Shulman - 2008 U.S. Champion
Jeremy Silman - Author of several chess books
Josh Waitzkin - Subject of the film Searching for Bobby Fischer


Houdini Chess Engine - A state-of-the-art chess engine
Shredder Chess - Chess software world champion
Rybka - For the serious chess player