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There are several chess-related sites on the Internet, here are just a few. Enjoy!


ChessLecture.com - Online Chess Video Library
ChessMagnetSchool.com - Online Chess Lessons
Colorado Master Chess - Lessons by NM Todd Bardwick
OnlineChessLessons.net - Online chess lessons, including the Empire Chess Series
Seventh Rank - High-quality chess educational software


Chess Central
Chess Express
ChessMate.com - Pocket and travel chess sets
DGT Projects - Digital clocks and electronic chessboards
Endgame Clothing - Chess T-Shirts!
Everyman Chess - Publishers of chess books
Monroi - Personal chess manager
New in Chess - Chess books, chess magazines, & chess shop
The House of Staunton - Makers of fine chess sets
Summerville, New England - The world's finest, solid hardwood chessboards
USCF Sales - Official store of the United States Chess Federation


World Chess Hall of Fame


Chessbase News
Chessdom - Enriching the understanding and popularity of Chess
New York Times Chess - Chess articles in The New York Times
Susan Polgar Chess Daily News
The Week in Chess - Weekly Chess News

Online Chess

Internet Chess Club
Red Hot Pawn


9 Queens - Helping girls through chess
America's Foundation for Chess
Colorado State Chess Association
Kasparov Chess Foundation
United States Chess Federation
World Chess Federation (FIDE)


Castle Rock Chess Club - Meets every Monday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Philip S. Miller Library.
Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis - Home of the 2013 U.S. Chess Championship!

Professional Players

Varuzhan Akobian
Viswanathan Anand - Former World Champion
Maurice Ashley - First African-American to attain the title of GM
Magnus Carlsen - Current World Champion
Josh Friedel
Gata Kamsky - 2014 U.S. Champion
Garry Kasparov - Legendary world chess champion
Alexandra Kosteniuk - Former Women's World Champion
Vladimir Kramnik - Former World Champion
Irina Krush - 2014 U.S. Women's Champion
Hikaru Nakamura - 2009 U.S. Champion
Natalia Pogonina
Susan Polgar - First woman to break the gender barrier in chess
Ray Robson
Sam Shankland - America's newest GM-elect!
Yury Shulman - 2008 U.S. Champion
Jeremy Silman - Author of several chess books
Josh Waitzkin - Subject of the film Searching for Bobby Fischer


Chess Clock - a chess clock application for Windows® Phone
Chessmaster - The best selling chess series
Houdini Chess Engine - A state-of-the-art chess engine
Shredder Chess - Chess software world champion
Rybka - For the serious chess player